In Brief

Apt Studios has extensive experience of managing landscape projects to their successful conclusion. We can prepare all documents necessary for costing and implementing landscape projects, including overseeing a competitive tender process on your behalf and assisting in the selection of a contractor. We can then oversee the operations on site to ensure the works are undertaken to the appropriate standards and kept on time and on budget.

More detail

All projects require some degree of oversight to ensure plans are implemented accurately and efficiently. Once a detailed design scheme has been prepared some documentation, for instance setting out construction methods, specifying materials and scheduling the work will often be appropriate. On small projects this may be limited. On larger projects however, and particular where a competitive tender process is preferred, it will be necessary for detailed documentation covering all aspects of the work.

Similarly once a project reaches site a varying degree of oversight will be necessary depending on the scale and nature of the project.

Apt Studios can assist at this stage of a project by undertaking the following:-

Construction drawings

Schedules of Work

Performance specifications

Actioning the tender process & contractor selection

Overseeing the works on site

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