At the heart of our practice lies sound design and an understanding of the importance of marrying aesthetic values with practical requirements. The level of design input into a garden project will vary according to the needs of the client, their budget, the timescale and other factors. Some design input though is essential and we therefore offer a range of services to provide maximum flexibility. Our main garden design services are:-

  • One day designTwo of our designers will spend the day on site with you working up ideas and plans. We will leave you with a design proposal drawn to scale, planting suggestions and cost estimates. This service is ideal for small gardens and those wanting a quick turnaround.
  • Outline design serviceWe will work with you to prepare a design scheme over a period of a few weeks. Initial outline proposals will explore a variety of possibilities before a master plan is. This service is ideal for projects where a greater degree of design is required, or desired, at the outset.
  • Detailed design proposalsThis follows the same approach as the outline design service but takes the process on to the next stage. Some projects and schemes  require greater detailing, for instance where there are complex levels, bespoke structures or extensive planting schemes. Detailed drawings and specifications are particularly important where a tender process is to be undertaken in respect of the works.

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